Hold up! Sustainability

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

– Albert Einstein

The idea of sustainability began to make its way into the academic literature by the end of 1900’s, and since that time it has gone through substantial evolution. Based on the idea that the resources on Earth are not indefinite sustainability refers to consuming the resources considering the needs of the next generations. According to one standard reference of the English language, Webster’s New World Dictionary states that the word sustainability originates from a fusion of two Latin words: 'sus' which means 'up' and 'tenere' which means 'to hold'. 

“My crown is called content,
a crown that seldom kings enjoy”

William Shakespeare

Art speaks fearlessly..

When the time comes, when ALL are the same.. thinking about how WE ALL are the same now.

Ain't all the humans fighting with the same enemy.. all having the same transformation.. Corona Virus days  reminds me of that piece of art..


Art speaks fearlessly..


Tianmiao, All the same, 2011

Artificial Intelligence & Transformation        of Communication  

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computers. The AI technology, discovered by a research and development, can be argued to as a technological determinism powerful enough to set new standards for the social life. Raymond Williams (1990) has argued the idea that every new technology creates a new world, a new society, a new phase of history, critisizing television as a new technology for mass communication was said to altered the world during the 70’s.  Marshall McLuhan  is one of the theorists adopting the stance of technological determinism through media and he ...

What is the information perspective of your company?

The concept of exponentially growing amount of data is defined with the term “big data” and intelligent data analytics softwares collecting and analysing unstructured data are being used in many different fields. Intelligent softwares has the ability to process past data and produce new data, however reality check and real life use cases stands apart the engineered information. The process starting with digesting the information whether it is a past data or a newly produced one by technological tools, controlling where this information comes from, where it goes and what is the purpose of this flow should all end up with the reality check to see if the produced information has an equivalent in reality or real life. 

Blockchain.. a short sight of mine

Blockchain is the driving force for the new evolution of the internet. Blockchain technology is not changing the whole internet world at a disruptive level. Discussions on the level of disruption reminds me of the critics on the new medium of the past times "television".. The idea that every new technology creates a new world, a new society, a new phase of history, critisizing television as a new technology for mass communication was said to altered the world during the 70’s. Now that Blockchain has come as a new technology, we will continue using the internet as well as our personal computers, mobile devices, social media platforms etc. What changes through Blockchain is the data structures that are at the background of the internet as well as the techniques used to keep and manage information.

Definition of CSR

Constructing the notion of “Corporate Social Responsibility” (CSR) starting with Bowen as a concept of obligations of businessman to the society has had no end in terms of definition.  Evolution of the CSR construct since 1950’s is parallel to the change in the businesses’ way of thinking and today CSR is accepted to be the umbrella term for the concept of the responsibilities of a company for a sustainable economy, environment and society covering the entirely voluntary, corporate-led initiatives.

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